WDC Distance Calculator

September 3rd, 2011

WDC Distance CalculatorIn today’s world all are need to know the distance between two places.If that facility is available in a web site
its very easy to find the distance between two places without search any other sites.So that we have created a module
WDC Distance Calculator.If you installed this module in your site in default it marks the current city in the map.
If you entered source and destination it will display the address and the distance of the two places . And our module will display
the travelling time between both places . This travelling time is average bus travelling time.

If you want to run this module successfully, you could get the API key for map from the follwoing site
and also you could get the city api key .Place these two keys in the backend.

Following are the major features of WDC Distance Calculator module:

1) Its available for joomla1.5&joomla1.6
2) It will show the distance between two places
3) It will show the travelling time between both places
4) Source and destination are joined by polyline
5) Markers will joins that two places
6) We can identify the destination from the polyline