WDS Twitter Fan Page

August 25th, 2013

WDS Twitter Fan PageMajor Upgrade Notice!!!

WDS Twitter Fan Page now has a great tab slider option, 5 jQuery modes and you can switch from fans to followers. All this has been added and the price is still the same, enjoy!

Create a Twitter fan page on your Joomla! website in seconds and then add your twitter followers to your fan page. Visitors to your website simply add their Twitter username in a small form and they are added within a few minutes to your Twitter Fan Page. Fully compatible with the latest Twitter API and guaranteed to work, even with the forthcoming Twitter changes!


* New Major Upgrade FREE! docks on left or right side of your web page as a tab slider or you can use the default mode with no tab.
* Multi-browser compliant
* NEW! 5 jQuery modes to ensure it works with other jQuery plugins.
* NEW! Switch from fan page to follow page
* Install on as many websites as you want
* Uses the new Twitter 1.1 API with authentication
* One install pack for 2.5, 3.X Joomla! version
* Supports updates directly from Joomla! Administration area!
* Highly configurable, many visual options
* Free, secure online forum support
* Currently we also offer FREE ticket support for this extension here:

How it works:

Visitors to your site can add themselves to your fan page with just a username or follow you and there is no page refresh

This is a fantastic Joomla! Module, which means it can be installed into any module position on your Joomla! 2.5, 3.X Website.

====IMPORTANT===== after installing the twitter fan page module, please follow the steps written in the description to configure the authentication mechanism. You will see the instruction in the module settings panel.