We baked new pizza, and it’s name is Naiki

July 7th, 2008

So close to the holiday season, and so many people helped out during the second Pizza Bug and Fun event. Let me start by thanking all contributers that helped out during both weekends, we solved numerous issues and also some documentation was written. Best of  all is that Airton Torres, Arno Zijlstra, Ben Cessa, Esban Bahnsen, James Anastasios, Jeetu Kataria, Omar Ramos, Robin Muilwijk, and Witchakorn Kamolpornwijit joined the Bug Squad and that is simply mind blowing!

During this PBF event we saw more people joining in remotely this time. There where also venues reserved by people. Italy (Ravanna), United Stated (New York, Atlanta and New Orleans), Netherlands (Wijhe), Canada (Vancouver) and Australia (Sydney) where some of the locations that joined in. As with the previous PBF event collaborating with so many people remotely still amazes me. This cannot be done without proper preparations, and for that I want to thank the Pizza Couriers for the very good work on the preparations.

All of this has lead to another stable release. The newest Joomla! version 1.5 will be named Naiki (version 1.5.4) and could not be released that fast without the help of all volunteers of the second PBF event! Keep an close eye on the announcements on the website, this version is around the corner 😀