We hate spam

June 30th, 2012

We hate spamWe Hate Spam is a plugin capable to block malicious accounts.

In site sections such as forum or blogs, where users are free to write once registered, often spammers take advantage to insert links to advertising etc…

With We Hate Spam,we can prevent the registration of these users!
How? Just download and install We Hate Spam and, in the backend, configure it so that users with a certain ip or mail cannot complete the registration.

How can we get the ip? Many extensions have this feature by default, for example if a user spams on a Kunena, we can read his ip address down on the post.

And if we do not know the ip? In the configuration of We Hate Spam we can deny registration to all users that have a certain domain; for example, if we are victims of spam by some, it is enough to state “”. in the plugin.
Very easy: do you agree?

Moreover this plugin can prevent access to people with suspicious nickname and simple password, according to what you will specify in the backend.

If you want to block users logging from Community Builder module, you will find in the download section the steps to protect this extension too!