We Ultimate Facebook Comments

December 23rd, 2013

We Ultimate Facebook CommentsFacebook comments WITH SEO BOOST! for your Joomla site is here! With the plugin you can add the ability to your visitors to comments your artciles with their Facebook Account! With module you can add the same ability to any page/menu you want! Ultimate Facebook Comments supports multiply components intergration like K2,LyftenBloggie etc

== Parameters-Features ==
+ HTML5 or FBML code integration (NEW)
+ Number Of comments
+ Comments management,anonymous comments, delete etc.
+ Custom CSS link (we provide file with all css classes you need)
+ Reverse Order
+ Like option above comment system
+ Many components intergration (See the list below)
+ Width in Pixels
+ Exclude Sections & Categories or Specific Articles/Items
+ Ability to use custom article link (Comment ID) to load specific artilce’s comments
+ Display on (Components’ Intergration ):
-Joomla Content Article View (com_content)
-K2 Items View (com_k2)
-LyftenBloggie Entries View (com_lyftenbloggie)
-Virtuemart Products Detail Page (com_virtuemart)
-Zoo Items (com_zoo)
-Quick FAQ Items ((com_quickfaq)
-EventList Detail Layout (com_eventlist)
-and Radio/DJ Schedule (soon)

== What you get ==

JSDK plugin – Adds Facebook’s JSDK libray to work the with FMBL
Ultimate Facebook J! Comments Plugin
Ultimate Facebook J! Comments Module
PDF Documentation (how to install,upgrade, etc)
Support & Updates for 1 year
(Total 2 plugins + 1 module !!!)

Joomla 1.5 supported too