Fonetic Express

June 20th, 2013

Fonetic ExpressFonetic adds a web callback feature on your website.
Fonetic is a simple way and an excellent tool to reasure your visitors and reduce your cart abandonment rate.

Benefits for you:

– Humanizes your website
– Reduces bounce rate or cart abandonment rate
– Improves your website customer service quality
– Easily fits your image and graphics
– Creates automatically a qualified customers database (phone, email, name) with your inbound calls – available for download
– free plugin extension
– package without commitment – adapted and scalable according to your phone trafic

Benefits for customer:

– Human contact reasures your visitors
– Web Callback insures a direct and quick phone connection (no callcenter or ACD)
– Web Callback is free

Plugins features:

– Customize your Fonetic widget with languages used on your website
– Customize button position on your website
– Customize button font text with languages used on your website
– Customize text fonts
– Customize button color
– Customize button display condition