Webcam Video Recordings

October 23rd, 2013

Webcam Video RecordingsThe VideoWhisper Video Recordings component can easily be used to add webcam recorded videos and archived streams to Joomla sites.

Video Recordings Component
+ Joomla Component (configurable)
+ Users can record webcam videos
+ Browse videos (sort, search, filter)
+ Import videos (archived streams)
+ Export to JomSocial, HWD Video Share, ALL Video Share
+ Supports JW Player, Flow Player, HTML5 video
+ iPhone, iPad playback with HTML5 (conversion required)
+ Supports Joomla Updater

There are 2 component variants: Joomla 3.x and another for older Joomla 1.5.x-2.5.x

All PHP integration source code is provided under GPL.

Full details about the integration component and installation here:

This advanced software requires 2 types of hosting: a regular php&mysql web hosting plan for the regular website features (you probably have that if you have joomla installed) and a special plan (usually on a different special server) for video streaming and other instant communication required between chat clients.
For recordings to be accessible by component rtmp and web hosting must be on same server.

You need 1 of these to run the interactive and streaming part of the software: Red5, Wowza or Adobe Flash Media Server. See the software requirements page on our site for more details. Red5 is free and open source but you need a VPS or Dedicated Server with root access to install it.
Red5 is NOT recommended for recordings as it often produces broken videos. Can only be used for some testing and at development phase.
We recommend Wowza plans for hosting this component:

If you’re not into these technical details you can also find this type of hosting with management services on our site or from other providers.

FFMPEG with Flash and iOS codecs is required for conversion to HTML5 mp4 playable in Safari and FFMPEG2THEORA is required for HTML5 playback in other browsers.