April 17th, 2013

webERPinventoryOriginally webERPinventory was designed as a Joomla component integrated with webERP to allow modification of customer pricing. Updating reorder levels for stock and modifying customer pricing for stock by price list or individual customer pricing is made simple with this GUI.

The latest version includes an RFQ and Purchase Order system integrated with webERP. From your cell phone or desktop select the category you want to replenish and enter quantities requested. A request replenish screen shows all requests and allows the buyer to send RFQ’s to vendors in the Maintain Supplier Price Lists or create PO’s for the preferred vendor. RFQ and PO emails are sent and for RFQ’s and there is a link for the vendor to enter price quotes directly into the system. These create price records in the Maintain Supplier Price List.

webERP is an open source accounting package that is very popular. At JoomlaMo we are writing Joomal extensions integrated with webERP so that companies can access and update data in webERP without direct access to webERP. This reduces training time and the user interface is more friendly and powerful.

For instance, this inventory reorder level and pricing update is much easier to access than through webERP. This method of RFQ’s and PO’s makes controlling inventory easy!