Weever Apps

September 18th, 2011

Weever is a new service that turns your Joomla site into a true web app for iPhone, Blackberry Touch, Android and iPad – Instantly and affordably.

Weever functions and feels just like a native iOS, Android, or Blackberry app, except with no App Store barriers!

This extension enables you to build and manage your app entirely within Joomla’s administrator backend, utilizing best practices to present your content for a mobile-specific context. App users will be able to quickly and easy find your latest news, follow your social network feeds, touch to make a phone call or email you, watch your videos, browse your photo feeds, and more.

Setting up a Weever App is extremely easy. All you do is:

– Sign up for an API key
– Install extension
– Paste in API key
– Start adding content and branding to your app!

The extension will forward the devices you specify to your app, and automatically provides the app with the most up-to-date info, so you do not have to manage both your app and your site.

Currently supports:

– Joomla Content Articles (as either static pages or blogs)
– K2 (as either static pages or blogs)
– Joomla Contacts
– Social: Twitter, Facebook,
– Video: Youtube, Vimeo
– Photo: Flickr, Foursquare Venue Photos
– Events: Google Calendar, Facebook Events
– App works for iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android devices, Blackberry touch devices, with further compatibilities coming soon.

Additional Features:

– Staging Mode: allows developers to play around with new layouts or work on an app for a new version of a site without needing another API key and without affecting a Live app.
– QR Codes: This extension will generate QR codes both for quick previewing of your app as you’re building it, and for promoting your app publicly.

Other component compatibilities are forthcoming, as well as a developer API to make nearly any component compatible.