WISroGIS mapping

May 2nd, 2013

WISroGIS mappingWISroGIS Webris 4 is the only component for GIS-to-Joomla map creation and publishing; it is designed to be installed as a component&plugin for fast map integration in Joomla 3/2.5/1.5 (1.0.x supported up to version 1.11)

WISroGIS 4 Webris: the leading GIS interactive map publishing solution for Joomla! WISroGIS offers GIS data publishing and articles geotagging. Enjoy top features of the component: placemarks slideshow on map, new routing with multiple waypoints, articles geotagging, fully customizable KML (inclusive ground overlay images) and GPX support, SOBI2 layers, and measurement features. The Joomla! map component&plugin WISroGIS supports visual map and layers management data from Google Map, Yahoo Map, Virtual Earth, Open Street Map, and WMS servers.
April 30, 2013 – WISroGIS Webris 4 rev.0
* 0000341: WISroGIS – Joomla 3 compatibility
* 0000299: Map data loading animation
* 0000364: Maps & Layers Manager: search filter applied also to entries description
* 0000365: Map and Layers checkin button
* 0000347: Zoom in the map to cluster elements when clicking a cluster
* 0000265: Overview map usage note (OpenStreetMap layer required)
* 0000340: PHP Strict standards
* 0000393: CSS image size issues (backend Google Map positioning) on J3 admin template
* 0000362: Header strip issues on some servers for scripts loading (map page)
* 0000303: Maps ordering by name not functioning in backend (Maps Manager)
* 0000353: IE8 – 31-stylesheet limit and VML error (“Invalid Argument” exception)
August 14, 2012 – WISroGIS Webris 3.5 rev.0
* 0000298: [Feature] Set title, description and keywords (list of layers) tags for map pages
* 0000286: [Feature] GPX tracks style note (lines not visible with default symbolizer line)
* 0000288: [GIS] Zoomify layer not showing data
* 0000302: [GIS] Google 3D Map not functioning
* 0000297: [GIS] Added keyboard control for the map (enabled from map’s configuration)
* 0000285: [GIS] Layer Switcher (map legend) external option in map configuration
* 0000291: [GIS] VirtualEarth layers switched to Bing since OpenLayers 2.12
* 0000293: [GIS] Removed Bing (Virtual Earth) API Version from configuration
* 0000292: [GIS] Added Bing API Key. !!! Existing Bing layers (including samples) need to be edited and saved in backend to function properly
* 0000294: [GIS] Removed Bing Shaded layer from sample data
* 0000301: [GIS] Area measurement errors (geodesic option not checked by default)
* 0000283: [Interface] Lightbox problems on Joomla 2.5
* 0000296: [Interface] Fixed top-right corner bubble image
* 0000284: [Interface] Spanish language – plugin missing labels translations
* 0000290: [Interface] MouseToolbar changed to NavToolbar in OpenLayers 2.12
* 0000287: [Bug] Single quote encoding in placemarks description

May 18, 2012 – WISroGIS Webris 3.4 rev.4
* 0000278: [Bug] Placemark geocoding fetch coordinates not working (Google geocoder changes)
* 0000279: [GIS] Google