Wmt Advanced Banners and Thumbnails

September 30th, 2012

Wmt Advanced Banners and ThumbnailsWmt Advanced Banner Rotator with Dock Menu Thumbnails for Joomla 1.7+ with Administration Control Panel for multiple Banner Rotators.

This Wmt Advanced Banner Rotator with Dock Menu Thumbnails has all the possible options you might need, is very versatile, easily resizable and easy to use.

It includes our powerful advanced dock menu for thumbnail along with its 30+ settings.

Options you can change in Administrator Backend:

– size of the rotator (with and height in px)
– dock menu show/hide/auto-hide (when mouse is out of the banner rotator)
– navigational arrows show/hide/auto-hide
– description show/hide/auto-hide
– description background color and alpha
– blur intensity for transitions
– transition slide speed
– initial position (first selected element)
– autoplay timer (how much time to wait between rotating images)
– for each item you can specify the thumbnail image, main image, title (for tooltip), description (optional), link url and target

Dock Menu options in the Administrator Backend (30+):
– item size (width and height in px)
– spacing between items (px)
– zoom amount on mouseover
– zoom speed on mouseover
– amount of zoom/position influence on adjacent items
– y axis offset (px) for zooming (dock can open upwards, downwards or centered )
– reflection on/off, reflection size, reflection alpha and reflection distance from the picture
– brighten item on mouseover on/off and amount of brightness
– tooltip on/off, tooltip skin (white/black), tooltip placement on top, bottom or follow mouse, y axis offset of the tooltip (move it up or down)
– independent stroke size and color setting for all three states : normal, mouseover and selected. Stroke can be set to 0 independently if you don’t want stroke for any/all of the states.
– and quite a few more

This Wmt Advanced Banner Rotator with Dock Menu Thumbnails is seriously powerful as you can see from the ton of options, don’t miss out !