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June 11th, 2013

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The Award Winning Blogging Platform for Joomla – WordPress for Joomla! is compatible with Joomla 2.5/3.x!

We’ve combined the most popular blogging platform WordPress 3.0 with the most popular CMS Joomla to create the most powerful blogging component ever made for Joomla.

Packed with all of WordPress’s professional blogging tools, you can now harness the power of WordPress without ever leaving Joomla. It’s a Joomla blogger’s new best friend.

Here are just a few of WordPress for Joomla’s powerful features:

– WordPress for Joomla is EASY to install!
– Can power multiple blogs on your site from multiple authors!
– Powerful Social plugins at your fingers tips
– Can run thousands of powerful native WordPress plugins on your blog. You can even use Joomla content plugins on your WordPress posts, too!
– Includes built-in commenting, trackbacks, and pingbacks.
– Comes with 8 exclusive Joomla modules that will broadcast your latest WordPress blogs (multi-users), latest blog posts, recent blog comments & more throughout your entire Joomla site
– Comes with a free default theme; and also works with most 3rd party Joomla! templates. WordPress for Joomla will inherit styles from your website template right out of the box ensuring your blog always matches yours site!
– Integrates with JomSocial–the #1 community-creation software for Joomla
– Can import “MyBlog” posts into your new WordPress for Joomla blog, so switching is easy
– Supports Ping-O-Matic, which helps you promote your blog by pinging popular sites every time you post a new entry

WordPress is feature rich with the following:

– Permalinks
– Allow authors to password protect their posts
– Having WordPress decide if comments are spam or not with pinpoint accuracy.
– Automatic saving of blogs
– Dynamic Pages
– Integrated WordPress Themes
– Cross-blog communication tools
– Comments
– Spam protection
– Import/Export
– Much much more…

‘corePHP’ WordPress Integration for Joomla! has a variety of features and enhancements:

– SEF WordPress Links
– Automatic user syncing with Joomla! users
– Add / Remove blog title
– Multiple widget modules out of the box!
– Different options for CSS style sheets
– Show / Hide Author name in posts.
– Easy Installation AND upgrades!
– Variety of modules
– And so much more

‘corePHP’ has been providing WordPress for Joomla for almost 5 years now delivering the best blogging system experience for Joomla users. Get the best blogging extension on the market!

Happy Blogging