World, meet your browser

October 24th, 2012

When Chrome first launched back in 2008, we realized that a lot of people didn’t know what a web browser was, much less which version they were using. They also didn’t know that you could choose to use a different browser. To help people learn about the importance of browser choice, we introduced, a simple site that answers the question, “What browser am I using, and why does it matter?”

Since we first introduced three years ago, the web has changed immensely. The explosion of the mobile web means more and more people are browsing with phones and tablets. In addition, with advances in HTML5 and the Open Web Platform, the web has become much more powerful, enabling rich new experiences. Over the years, browsers have improved to protect you against new security threats, which means it’s as important as ever to be on the latest version of a modern browser.

To reflect the changing browser landscape, we’ve completely revamped The site has been fully rebuilt in HTML5, localized in 43 languages, and now works on mobile, too. The site also highlights why it’s so important to use a modern browser and keep it up to date: doing so saves you time, keeps you safer, and lets you do more online. The browser you choose is up to you; hopefully can help.

Posted by Jeff Chang, Product Manager and Browser Chooser