WordPress to JoomBlog Converter

May 14th, 2013

WordPress – JoomBlog Converter

The plugin is developed to convert your blog from WordPress into Joomla in a snap! This is an application for JoomBlog – a popular Joomla! blogging component. All the articles migrated to Joomla automatically stored in a separate blog. It is always easy to find the imported posts and assign them to a proper category or Joomla! blog if you manage several ones at your site.

With the blog conversion plugin you can quickly import users (except administrator), categories and blog posts together with comments from WordPress to a Joomla! site blog section. No need to transfer SQL tables manually and copy and paste a bulk of blog posts. To import a WordPress blog to JoomBlog simply follow the instruction below:

1. Install the conversion plugin at your Joomla! 2.5 site with JoomBlog already tuned;
2. Provide WordPress database access details of your WordPress blog at the converter configuration;
3. Select the options to import from WordPress to Joomla (users, categories, blog posts) and select “Yes” if you would like to make a backup of your old SQL table;
4. Click “Start Migration”. That’s it! WordPress to Joomla migration was never easier.

All the items selected for migration will be automatically extracted from your WordPress blog database and imported into corresponding JoomBlog tables. Old blog posts and just imported articles from WordPress will be separated after migration for smooth management of your blogging environment either it is one blog or several ones on the single site. URLs or your blog posts will stay the same. So, you will hold a tangible part of the results obtained from SEO activities done for your WordPress blog.

Note that WordPress articles formatting isn’t imported and the imbedded pictures will not be imported to Joomla! media folder automatically. So, some tiny tweaking will be still required after migration.

We tested the WordPress to Joomla converter carefully before releasing it and as of now there are no obvious limitations of usage at your Joomla! 2.5 site. Feel free to send your feedback to our support team. It will surely help to make the plugin even better.

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