May 21st, 2013

WP4JWP4J fully integrates into Joomla, the award winning blogging platform, WordPress – the system that powers more than 17% of the web. With millions of users and thousands of active developers, you are looking at the most comprehensive, powerful and easiest to use blog software known to man.

WP4J is not a bridge, it *is* WordPress running as a fully integrated Joomla component with all the capabilities of both systems at the tip of your fingers. This is a full multiuser system with the ability for users to have there very own blog(s) with full administrative control.

Based on WordPress, WP4J is the best blogging solution for Joomla.

Ease of use
1. Installation via the J! Extension Manager, no complex configuration it is up and running in less than a minute

2. No need to mess around with editing templates and such, WP4J integrates seamlessly with ALL templates

3. Automatic role conversion to Joomla ACL, no messing around, no fuss

4. Administration toolbar via the frontend extremely easy to use, we are talking so easy that Grandma could use it 🙂

5. Updates and plugin installation via WordPress Admin console, no need to download/upload, all done via the web.

6. Due to it’s extreme ease of use WP4J will cut user training costs to virtually nil

Main features:
– Users can have their own fully featured separate blog within your site
– Via their own blog users can set up others users to be administrators, moderators, bloggers or subscribers
– Import blogs from existing WordPress sites, the best way to import your existing WordPress blog to Joomla
– Native Comment support and the ability to add Facebook Comments, Disqus and dozens of others via plugins
– Share blogs to virtually every other platform such as Facebook, Google+, etc via plugins
– Media management system with the ability to add Galleries, Videos, and other files to blog posts
– Seamless integration with any Joomla Template, WP4J deploys all content via Joomla’s native content templates

Other Features via the thousands of WordPress Plugins available:
– Spam control via Akismet, Bad Behavior, Defensio, CAPTCHA, Spam Karma, Spam Hitman… the list goes on
– Advertising / Monetoration via advertising with plugins such as OIO Publisher, Adpress, WP AdCenter, etc
– Super speedy micro blogging via QuickPress
– Powerful SEO options endorsed by Google
– Full support for your favorite google applications such as google maps, Picasa, Youtube, etc
– thousands more plugins available at

More Reasons to use WP4J: