Write Control for Kunena

January 24th, 2012

With this plugin you can set individual write permissions for certain categories without affecting their visibility. Like this you can assign read rights to all visitors, but give only certain groups of users write access. In Kunena the write permissions are not set individually, they are controlled using the visibility of each category. However, setting the write access is necessary in some cases. For example if you have a group of subscribers and want to give them write access and you would like to show the entries for everybody.

It is possible to select categories and associated user groups. A multiple selection is possible by holding down the CTRL key while clicking.

The plugin can automatically remove the entry buttons to the form if the user does not have the required permissions. It also prevents direct access to the form. It is possible to redirect the user either using the referrer or a custom URL. The selected categories will be removed automatically during write mode in the category pick list.


* Set write access in Kunena 1.7 forum component
* Assign categories to user groups – only these groups have write permission in the appropriate categories
* Visibility is not restricted – visitors can see threads, but only selected user groups can write new records
* Categories of the forum and user groups can be selected simply by clicking
* If rights are missing all entry buttons are removed, the form can not be loaded with a click
* If the form of a forbidden category is called directly, the plugin prevents it
* Users can be redirected to the given referrer or a self-selected URL


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