WS Portfolio – Sortable Isotope

February 19th, 2013

This is the extension after you have been looking for. Say hello to the new sortable and filterable portfolio Joomla module “WS-Portfolio”. Developed using jQuery Isotope and mansonry brings you this responsive Joomla Portfolio modules a lots of options, all of them can be easily set in the nice looking backend of Joomla. Check out the demo or read more about the features.

• This Joomla Portfolio Module works on ALL Devices like Desktop PC’s, Tablets like iPad and Smartphones like iPhone. The size and design fits to your Screen.

• This Portfolio Extension has been verified in Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, Firefox 3.6+, Opera 10+, and IE8+. iOS and Android devices are also supported as well.

• You can set up to ten Main Filter Items where you can sort your Portfolio Items for. Also a Main Category for displaying all Portfolio Items as needed.

• With this Joomla Module you have the option to hide your content in a toggle which is only visible when the element is clicked

• In Version 1.1 you can make up to 50 Portfolio Items, create them easily from the awesome Joomla Backend of this responsive Isotope Portfolio Module.

• The most Animations of this Portfolio Module are CSS3 driven, so you got less Code but high flexibility and the option to easily change Animations.

• You can set a optional Link Tag for every Item, maybe a rel=’nofollow’ or something similar, or if you’re using Templates from us start a Reveal Lightbox.

• Also easy, set a fix width and Margin for the Main Settings, but also you can chosse to double the width and Highlight an Portfolio Element.

• For every Portfolio Item you can choose which content type it should have, audio, video, images, text and more is possible.

• Choose how to Sort your Portfolio in the Main View. Also you have two Buttons to change Sorting easily in Frontend Views. Also Shuffle.

• We give you the control about loading jQuery or not, in our Templates you can switch it off cause jQuery is allready loaded.

But there’s so much to say about this Portfolio, please try the Demos and see what you can do with this!