WWM Banner Slideshow

December 22nd, 2013

WWM Banner Slideshow is module that helps to create a slider in your Joomla site. This module uses Joomla’s default banner system with all the features like impression,clicks,sticky etc.

The main features of the WWM Banner Slideshow modules are.

1) Banners From Different Category or Clients (Joomla’s default banners components)
2) Support more than 10 slide effects.
3) Support Joomla banners components all features like impression,clicks,sticky,random etc.
4) Full controll over the delay in each slide.
5) Supports embedded video play inside your slider.
6) Support custom Class suffix for your custom styles.
7) Supports external links for each slide
8) All these options are available with free extension.

The WWM Banner Slideshow will helps to create an attractive slider on Joomla site, It uses basic Cycle plugin to create the slideshow ,So anyone can extent its features based on their requirements.
This module will support Joomla 1.7 , Joomla 2.5.x ,Joomla 3.x