XBT Tracker Frontend

April 11th, 2013

XBT Tracker FrontendThe XBT Tracker frontend allow the user to control the XBT Tracker via Joomla. It also adds some options to the tracker itself. Besides the normal XBT Tracker features it also supports the following addons:

* Download and Upload Multiplier (per torrent and per user) – XBTT Modification
* Client ban (Allows to exclude some torrent clients from the tracker) – XBTT Modification
* Peer Speed (Allows to see the speed of the clients) – XBTT Modification
* Ratio control (Ratio can be per user or per group)
* Tracker and Torrent Statistics
* Forum Integration (IPB, VBulletin, PHPBB, SMFv1, SMFv2 and maybe other that weren’t tested)
* Donations Manager (Allows to enter the donation a user has made and it will count for the ratio).