XML Sitemap Splitter Easy

January 1st, 2012

We have the new version releast with an even easier operation. It cannot be easier!
What makes the XML Sitemap splitter?
Quite simply, it can read your sitemaps for Google, it splits a file into Google. Unfortunately, there is a maximum of 50,000 URLs that Google can read with up to 10 MB, for example, you have more then 300 000 URLs in your Sitemap now the problem Google will not read it!. We have fixed that problem with an “Easy Going Sitemap splitter!”.

What makes the script?

Operation is super simple, You put the script in your directory where the sitemap.xml is located, as an example in which the tree is Sitemap.xml. Then you give only one command and you’re ready to go. The script has been designed so that even inexperienced user friendly are able to cope.

No matter how large your sitemap is, the splitting is done in a few seconds and all of Google Sitemaps are read. Gone with hand-split!

That’s it from now on everything goes automatically over the inconvenience of splitting the files. The script runs on each server and each CMS for the automated generation of sitemaps.