XML/SWF Gallery Explorer

December 14th, 2013

XML/SWF Gallery ExplorerThis professional responsive joomla gallery is powered with touch enabled gallery version for iPhone and iPads. Give it a try, you are going to love it. If you are using a non touch gallery, you must switch to this gallery.

The all new Gallery Explorer 5.x is a brilliant gallery component + module for Joomla image galleries. Works with all joomla versions. Just download the pack, install, add categories and images, publish the gallery, that’s it. It will work like a charm.

Features include

* Responsive
* Touch enabled version for iPhone and iPads
* Fully functional with the touch events like swipe and tap
* Bulk images upload
* Show selected categories
* control categories drop-down width
* Control number of thumbs to display
* Control drop down menu font size
* Enable/Disable Tool-tip
* Full Screen
* Play/Pause
* Customizable thumb height and width
* Customizable thumb and full image BG colors
* Customizable thumb active color
* Customizable menu colors: mouse over color, mouse down down, active colors
* Display gallery multiple instances on a single page
* Customizable button colors
* Custom load default category
* Customizable auto slider time
* Customizable auto slider color
* Customizable rounded corners
* Enable/Disable scroll bar for categories menu if more then ten categories
* Added new image effect “Vertical Stripes”
* Added image transition time
* Open menu on mouseover (New in v 5.5)
* Scrollbar for category menu items (New in v 5.5)
* Open menu price tag (New in v 5.5)

Available image effects
1 Fade
2 Zoom Out
3 Elastic Zoom In
4 Blur Zoom Out
5 Elastic Slide
6 Squares
7 Triple Squares
8 Horizontal Stripes
9 Vertical Stripes
10 Waves
11 Scales Bars
12 Bounce Slide
13 Iris
14 Alpha Mask
15 Intersected Bars

Available text effects

* Fade
* Linear Fade
* Linear Drop
* Linear Elastic Drop
* Linear Pop
* Linear Elastic Pop
* Random Elastic Drop
* Random Elastic Pop