XML/SWF Smart Slide Show

April 30th, 2013

XML/SWF Smart Slide ShowA simple and perfectly suitable for your Joomla news, images slide show. A simple and beautiful slide show module for Joomla. Download this free module, plug it and use it, you’ll love it.

Features Include

* Animation types: blur, alpha, left, right, top, bottom, breath, breath blur, barsConverge, blindsUp, barsFlip, blindsOpen, stripes, iris, blindsMovingDown, barsRight, squaresFlip, barsWavy, blendHardLight, blendMultiply, blendDifference, barsIntersect, squaresLight, blindsWave, blendAddative, squaresScale, barsLeft, barsMovingLeft, barsOpen, blindsConverge, blindsDown, blindsMovingUp, philoAlpha, philoBlurSquare, philoClouds, philoDisc, philoFlipHorizontal, philoFloatingWaves, philoMultipleFlip.
* Image display options: Scale image, No scale, show all, exact fit options
* Adjustable button distance
* Highly customizable button, font, title background colors
* Show/Hide buttons
* Added random slide show
* Now you can use this module multiple instances on a web page by defining different xml name for each cloned module.
* Description font size can be controlled through admin parameters.
* Load images from directory.