Xpert Tweets

May 7th, 2012

Xpert TweetsXpertTweets is a module that integrates Twitter stream into your Joomla site. Display tweets of any username, or even by search terms, as well as your profile information and various other elements from Twitter itself.
XpertTweets is the perfect module to any Social site, or Business site that uses Twitter. The extension is highly configurable and easy to use. Only show what you want, whether that is just a twitter feed, or something more substantial with search times and profile information.

=> Real Time Tweets: Tweets update live from Twitter
=> Caching: Inbuilt caching system for stability and performance
=> Search: Use search to scan for usernames or keywords
=> Profile information: Show your profile details, such as name, avatar and bio
=> Highly configurable: Options to control every aspect of XpertTweet