March 25th, 2013

YASIGYASIG = Yet Another Slimbox Image Gallery. YASIG is a fork of well known ‘Slimbox Image Gallery Plugin for Joomla!’ ( that was left orphaned by its creator. It’s still fast and easy to use, but its functionality is much widened and improved.

As it is with every kind of content, also photo gallery is used for information exchange between:

* Author – maker of a web page and
* User – person willing to see a content created by the Author (viewer).

Specific role of Author is to choose set of pictures which will be presented on Internet to a User. This set of pictures is called gallery. Actions related to preparation of pictures are carried on by Author at so called backstage of web page, so after log on to backstage. Thanks to YASIG preparation of gallery is to some degree automated, what speeds up the process.

From User point of view pictures are presented as pictures reduced in size, so called miniatures. After One clicks in any of miniatures, the picture in original size is shown. With aid of keyboard or mouse it’s possible to move over the rest of pictures from within gallery set.

To sum up, YASIG is photo gallery solution which with aid of few Jooomla! lets you for:

* processing of photos, that will create Author’s gallery,
* photo presentation to persons willing to see them, to Users viewers of our web page.

Processing of pictures (e.g. reducing of size, adding of a frame around pictures etc.) is done at server side, so at first photos have to be send to server. Such way of processing might be convenient to socially oriented web portals. All Author of gallery is required to do is just transfer of chosen files to specified directory at server.

Set of YASIG extensions is compatible with Joomla! ver. 2.5.x. It makes use of Javascript JQuery library in quite intelligent way.

Correctly processed graphical files consists of .JPG and.PNG pictures.

To display pictures in fancy way it’s used well known Lightbox effect, but truly it’s slimed down ‘brother’, Slimbox.

For purpose of picture processing (shrinking, adding border etc.) GD PHP library is used.