Yelp Reviews

April 20th, 2013

Yelp Reviews** Joomla Yelp Reviews Deals Gifts Module **
** Joomla Yelp Module will help you showing your Yelp Business Page Reviews, Gift Certificates, Deals on your Joomla Site easily.

You can use the module as 4 different purposes.

———- Yelp Badge Module
** Show Number of Ratings
** Show Rating Stars
** Company Name
** Link to Yelp Page

——— Show Yelp Reviews
** You can show latest Yelp Reviews of your Business ( Up to 3 )
——— Show Yelp Deals
You can show latest Yelp Coupons of your Business
——— Show Yelp Gift Certificates
** You can show latest Yelp Gift Certificatesof your Business

Very Easy to use!

All you need to do is :

** Installing Module via Joomla Installer
** Creating a Yelp Developer Account
** Enter Account parameters at module backend
** Publish
** For customizations; there is a css file

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to create a Developer account at to use this module.