Yet Another Social Plugin

July 31st, 2011

Yet Another Social Plugin is a plugin for Joomla! to display Twitter’s Share, Google’s +1, and Facebook’s Like buttons. The plugin is configurable to most of each button’s available options, allowing for quick configuration for your site.

Features Include:
– Quick Configuration – The plugin can be quickly enabled with the default settings and be displayed on your site, or you can review each of the options to customize the experience.
– Customizable output – The plugin includes logic to enable you to completely override the output in a manner similar to any component on your site by copying the output template to your site template’s HTML folder. Or, you can add some CSS rules using the pre-defined classes to position the buttons just how you want them.
– Works with other plugins – Thorough testing has been done to ensure that this plugin, regardless of whether it is the first or last plugin to be run, works with all other content plugins installed on your site. And the plugin won’t modify anything in any area that it isn’t intended to either.