You tube Gallery

March 31st, 2013

You tube GalleryYou tube Gallery Module for Joomla easy to use and integrate module available for joomla you can integrate you tube videos to your joomla website we had provided three api methods from which you can fetch you tube videos

First is username specific you need to provide username of the you tube and the extension will render videos from the user

Second one is category just provide the category name of you tube video and video output will be produced on your site

Third is for search terms if user will use this api the video gallery will be populated using this gallery only

you can provide feed parameters which can be used for populating gallery videos other parameter which provides full customization of video gallery are:-

video per page :- used for assign number of video item you want to load

Type to display on front end :- you can switch between video and image mode (Video mode means video will loaded on your website image mode means only thumb image of the video will be loaded into the website)

Width of video item :- Width of Item we can configure

Height of video item :- Height of Item we can configure