January 25th, 2013

YouCMSAndBlogYouCMSAndBlog WYSIWYG IDE is a free editor I have recently created. It is running under Windows XP, 2000 and Vista environment and Linux based environment soon. With this IDE, you can have interactive environment when designing your Joomla template and get an instant rendered result on one window while editing your source on other window. Easily inserting Joomla tags list by double clicking its supported list from listbox on the left side of the IDE. You can definie your own offline doc and online doc for each tag by right click context menu. And you can modify the tags list or add new one easily by editing its XML config file. It is not only stopping here, it also allow you to define a new tags list base, i.e. Joomla 1.5 and other tags based CMS & Blog engine’s templates.

Other features for current release (Version
* Interactive View through True View and Quick View mode while you edit your template
* Easily switch to Full Editor mode (like UltraEdit IDE) if you prefer it working as normal text editor with Joomla tags list supported, Full View mode (see the results in full IDE screen) or Hybrid mode (Default mode, half editing and half rendered view mode)
* Code Syntax Highlighting (Coloring), which you can configure from your main configuration file using Regular Expression
* Find words with color highlighting
* With Quick View, users will not need to install CMS or Blog Engine on their local machine, i.e: Blogger Template, user can download the template and open it using this IDE to get a dummy view easily. But it encourages for CMS engine, i.e. Joomla or other CMS engine to keep using True View mode.
* With True View, user will get instant true view from your running CMS or Blog engine hosted locally.
* Automatic back-up for all files you are editing but can be turned off.
It currently also supports WordPress 2.3 and Blogger, but easily you can create new template taglist and quick view to support other CMS template and blog template. Read the tutorial for maximal use of this IDE, still in early stage but a proof of concept to deliver a simple text editor to support multi CMS & Blog Templates.