Your guide to rocking your Drupal 7 Release Party

January 7th, 2011

On January 7, thousands of Drupal community members around the world will gather together to celebrate the release of Drupal 7. This is an incredible event for the entire community, and we want to help you be a part of bringing the community together to celebrate! To that end, we have put together a guide to help your share your celebrations.

Whether you are at one of the over 300 parties that will be held in 95 countries around the world or celebrating on your own, there’s lots of ways to participate. The following guide helps you to follow the celebration online and share the fun with your fellow community members.

Things you should know about

Things you can do

  • Installfest Install Drupal 7 locally, Drupal stack installer, or get a hosted version:
  • Just blue yourself
  • Genius Bar Consider staffing a Drupal 7 "genius bar" so people who have Drupal 7 questions can get them answered.
  • Streaming Video Log into the Ustream channel start titles with D7RP while posting videos and tag them with #d7rp
  • Showcase Drupal sites
  • Win Drupal Swag Books
  • Blue yourself
  • Present a Drupal 7 slideshow, can be projected on a wall, looped without presenter
  • Microblog Twitter and #dr7p and #d7rp_yourcity
  • Win a book Win a copy of Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide contest rules?
  • Present the Drupal 7 launch video
  • Food and beverages Drupal themed party favors like Drupal cookies, cupcakes, and blue beverages.
  • Social Media Wall Point your Beamer or Desktop to and see whats going on – go live on 7th!

Things to capture

  • New Drupal 7 sites
  • Take pictures #dr7p and #d7rp_yourcity
  • Get a picture with a Drupal 7 contributor: #d7rp_famous
  • Promote DrupalCon Chicago and help show the world that Drupal is Everywhere by submitting your photos to our Flickr photo pool! We’ll be featuring creative and interesting photos of DrupalCon Chicago stickers and logos during DrupalCon Chicago. Our goal is to get photos taken in every corner of the world, demonstrating the global reach of the Drupal community. Additional information can be found at, and you can see what’s already been added at