YouTube Channels

March 25th, 2013

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Want to easily post Youtube videos on your Joomla website in a variety of sizes & colors AND from a variety of authors, channels and playlists?

Our Youtube module for Joomla 1.5 makes it super easy to post YouTube videos anywhere on your site in just about any way you can imagine without having to edit a single line of html code.

Up until now, Joomla and Youtube didn’t always play nice together. If you wanted to post YouTube videos on your site, you had to either manually embed lines of code deep inside Joomla’s index.php file, or you had to configure complicated 3rd party video software that often crashed your Joomla website.

Well, not anymore!

With just a few mouse clicks, you can now embed and customize 1,2,3,4…as many YouTube players on your Joomla website as you want ..easily. What’s more, each web page can even pull in its own unique videos!

With the ‘corePHP’ YouTube module for Joomla, you can pull in Random Videos, Videos from a specific User or Playlist, the Top Rated videos on Youtube, the Top Favorites on YouTube, the Most Viewed, the Most Popular, the Most Recent, the Most Discussed, the Most Linked, the Most Responded and Recently Featured Videos from Youtube.

Additionally, you can pull in videos based on a search query (“Detroit Lions win football game” or “cute puppy videos”) or by category (hip hop, celebrity, etc) ..even by author ID!

And once your videos have been posted, you can have them set to autoplay or not (video starts upon page load); you can enable loop (same video plays over and over); include Related Videos and so much more.

In fact, there are over 47 customizable parameters in all that control which video feeds you bring in and how they are presented once they are posted!

Features at a Glance:

* NEW – Playlist Bar – New designed added
* NEW – Added functionality for player type. Get the look you want. Go to YoutTube to create a custom player
* NEW – Added jQuery library – Turn on or off
* UPDATED – Now an option to have a different video appear each time the user refreshes or goes back to the page.
* Change your feed daily or keep it the same!
* Choose one or several locations throughout your site.
* Each web page can pull its own videos!
* Videos can be pulled from YouTube’s top ratings, your channel, your favorites list, and much more!
* Choose the custom size and color of the player that best fits your template.