Youtube Feed Pro

November 28th, 2013

Youtube Feed ProAn essential module for updating the video from Youtube. With YT, with simple operation, you will be at a beautiful skin not inferior to Youtube. YT integrates many new features and modern.
The basic features:
– Add video list from several different resources:
+ From a specific user or the video that person favorite
+ Add from Youtube playlist
+ Especially, look for the video query. You type in any phrase and it will list the video required.
+ Update hot videos by day, week, month on youtube
– Video filter functions according to the author, the 3d and caption.
– Sorted your video as you like.
– Support 3 types of interfaces corresponding to the position and width of the module.
– Thumbnail image quality improved significantly
– Customize parameters on the player extremely easy.
– Automatic play quality HD video when running the page, this can not be done by inserting normal.
– Especially, the next video automatically when finished.
– Adjust the number of results displayed
– Additional buttons adjust video size if the width of the module is too short.
– Customize the easy interface.
– Supports standard 4:3 and 16:9

Change-log version 2.0.0

– Add vertical style with multiple features (Drag, Mousewheel…)
– Responsible styles
– Integrate smooth scrollbar
– Can add multiple playlist, query or user/chanel
– Use AJAX tech > Site faster load
– Integrate Youtube’s API to change video url