YRNO2 Long Term Weather Forecast

September 30th, 2012

YRNO2 Long Term Weather ForecastThis is an update to the yrno long term weather forecast module originally created for Joomla 1.5.

The api used for the original module will come to a close in October 2012 and the module will stop working.

This is an early beta version and there are still many bugs and optimizations to make. I am aware of these issues and am actively working to fix them. Please do not contact me for support regarding site-specific/styling/javascript issues at the moment. This is meant as an early release for people to test and submit errors with the core functionality.

Some of the newer features include:

New ways to add locations
Original fixed location mode
Multi-list without urls (just type the name of the town)
Google geo-search ajax location lookup
HTML5 geolocation (users location)
Ability for user to save favorite location (in a cookie)
The ability to turn off parts of the table (humidity, pressure etc)
The metogram is now plotted rather than an image and is translateable
Added cloud cover %
Added wind direction icons
Added temperature icons
Sun up/ Sun down times
Show webcams for the chosen area

The credit for the original script once again goes to Henkka of