Yt Content Mega Slider

July 21st, 2011

Yt Content Mega SliderToday, we are glad to announce the Yt Content Mega Slider has been released. With many nice effects, many styles of Navigation, styles for Read More Button, you can do your site more attractive by combining them with themes we supported. Otherwise, Yt Content Mega Slider has many clear params, you can setup this module easily and fluently.

How do you thing about Yt Content Mega Slider of us? Will you get it?


– Support for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6
– Support all browsers
– Support 25 effect for the module
– Support hover effect for buttons on navigation and Read More
– Support many styles of Navigation
– Support many style of Read More Button
– You can change width of opacity and module
– You can limit the amount of articles
– You can change the position of image for each theme
– Allow to change max length of titles, descriptions
– Allow to use/remove HTML code
– Allow to add link for titles/images
– Allow to custom URL
– You can change width/height of small and large thumbnails
– You can change color for title, description, background of main item
– You can change color for title, content, actived background of item on navigation
– Support jQuery Library
– Support caching