Yt Mega News II

September 12th, 2011

Yt Mega News IIAre you owning a news online site, an e-commerce site, a social news site or a private site…? And in the content part, are you making a layout to show news follow your ideas? Let’s experience with Yt Mega News II and see distinct things which the module of us can bring for your site.

Yt Mega News II supports two levels for user choice: section level and category level. The module allows to show news of many categories with tooltip for brief description or article informations like as: comments, read times, date – time. With 4 themes for presentation, we hope Yt Mega News II will make you satisfactoriness.

* Support for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7
* Support all browsers
* Support for showing featured article
* Support hover effect on link of article title to show tooltip
* Allow to change width of module
* Allow to change max length of titles, descriptions
* Allow to use/remove HTML code
* Allow to add link for titles/images
* Allow to custom URL
* Allow to set open link with: New Window/Same Window/Popup
* Allow to turn on/turn off article’s hits, number of comments, created date
* Support many modes for resizing image
* You can change width/height of small and large thumbnails
* You can change color for title or description of articles
* You can change color of thumbnail background
* Support caching