zAccordion for K2

October 25th, 2013

zAccordion for K2zAccordion is fully responsive accordion module for K2 that generates slides based on the items and their images.
To use the module you only need to select your K2 Items and then the module will display them as nice animated accordion slides.

The module settings are as follows:
Timeout – this is the time between changing each slide
Width/Height – here you can specify the dimensions of the module displayed in the standard size layout
Tab width – from this parameter you can specify the wide of the not overlapped part of the slide
Starting slide – the number of the slide that will be opened by default on the load of the page. First slide is zero.
Easing – the effect that will be used when the slides are changed
Speed – the speed of the effect when the slides are changing
Auto – automatic rotation of all slides.
Trigger – the jquery event that will be used to change the slides. The default value is “click”, but you can change it to “mouseover” for example.
Pause – if this option is set to “yes” then the accordion change of slides action will be stopped on mouse hover
Invert –this option makes the first slide last, and the last slide first.

Because the module is fully responsive you can also specify the following parameters – width, tab width and height for different screen sizes:
From 768px to 979px
From 480px to 767px

zAccordion as all our K2 modules has the following K2 parameters:
– Select items from one or more categories
– Select specific items
– Number of items to be displayed as slides
– The order of the items
– Image size
– Intro text
– Title