Zefania Bible

December 24th, 2013

Zefania BibleZefaniaBible is a component that allows users to add Bible to their church or personal sites
ZefaniaBible can display over 140+ Bible versions.
There is also an ability to add an audio player to play Bible mp3 files.
Available Joomla Languages in include English, Russian, German, Czech, Chinese, Taiwanese, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Italian, Spanish. And many more.

Editor Button
Editor button allows you to either create a tag to be used by scripture plugin or import actual HTML tag to save processing time.

‘Daily Bible Reading’ plan module allows for easy quick glance of today’s reading, with a link to today’s reading.
‘Verse of the Day’ module displays today’s verse of day scripture. Scripture list can be managed using backend access.
Subscription module allows users to subscribe to ‘Verse of the Day’ email and/or ‘Daily Bible Reading’
Both modules with one click can redirect the reader to a specific chapter in the Bible.

Search Plug-in allows searching for Bible verse or specific text from the Bible.
Email Plug-in allows you to send out ‘Verse of the Day’ or ‘Daily Bible Reading’ to email subscribers.
Scripture Look up plug-in allows you to either create a link to Bible gateway, ZefaniaBible modal popup window, or insert scripture directly into the page.

There are over 100 Commentaries that can be added to display right next to Bible from a modal box.
Bible References show referenced verse along with link to the appropriate Bible chapter.
Support for Facebook Open Graph.

RSS feeds can be used by any application, or Facebook app