Zh GoogleMap Plugin

August 9th, 2013

Zh GoogleMap PluginPlugin for component Zh GoogleMap.

Displaying any maps in article, all component features enables
And new feature: GeoTags, which marks your article with tags and you can go to map (google, osm, yahoo, nokia, bing, yandex)

You have to update component to the latest version, because you need addition field in table and interface.

Use Zh GoogleMap Module to use as module

* write {zhgooglemap:NNN} in article in place, where you expect map.
where NNN – map id

Example of article: hello, this my house {zhgooglemap:1} Here my fishing place {zhgooglemap:2}

Check FULL usage parameters in documentation.

* support hovering text for placemarks and placemarks with labels

* bugfix – jQuery not defined error

* bugfix – ajax loading (mootools) infowin content
* added jquery ajax loading infowin content
* and fixed some little bugs

* support Ukrainian translation

GeoTags support next map types (new parameter)
* google – default value
* osm
* yahoo
* nokia
* bing
* yandex

* support Joomla! 3.0

Changes 3.3.2:
* support: added 10..19 infobubble tabs for placemark
* support: for KML (in paths) you can set suppress infowin