Zh YandexMap Module

March 27th, 2013

Zh YandexMap ModuleModule for component Zh YandexMap.

Displaying any maps as module

You have to update component to the latest version, because you need addition field in table and interface.

Usage: publish module, in Basic Options set MapID to display your map. Your module have to be only one map for a page (like as a component call)

All Features of Component are supported in Module

Use Zh YandexMap Plugin to display map in article

* support: you can create your own map types (user’s layers)
* support OSM map type

* support Joomla! 3.0

Changes 1.5.10:
* bugfix for user entering placemarks (not initial value for infowin and defaults)

Changes 1.5.9:
* support: polygons, circles
* balloon for paths

Changes 1.5.8:
* bugfix for placemark list (show/hide)