ZJ Adwords – Keywords Advertising

July 5th, 2011

ZJ Adwords – Keywords Advertising system (AD-KAS) is a Joomla native extension (for Joomla 1.5 & Joomla 1.6), it allows you bring your web content for any publisher who wants advertise their products on it, buy using your site content.

When your site has a large number of articles, a large number of visitor daily. That’s when you need to increase revenue from your website by selling advertising content on the website. You will place banner ads? No, that will make your site become chaotic, you need a tool that more professional and completely automated. AD-KAS can help you undertake that job easily

When users register keywords to advertise for their products, they will need to register a keyword through AD-KAS and making a payment for that keyword. After payment successfully and keywords are accepted, an user visit an article on your site which including that keyword, a hyperlink will appear and assign to keyword. And when users hover over on hyperlink, a pop-up window will appear near on keyword with more information about the ads on this keyword
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AD-KAS is for
* Webmasters, who want earn from ads on the site
* Ads company.
* Individual blogger

AD-KAS Feature
* Joomla MVC model.
* Multiple template system.
* Community Builder & JomSocial integration.
* Image cache loader & Upload libraries.
* Paypal payment integration.
* Shopping Cart system.