Zoho Lead Component for Zoho CRM Users

September 9th, 2013

Zoho Lead Component for Zoho CRM UsersLooking for Web Lead Capture for Zoho CRM?

If you are a user of Zoho CRM and Joomla, you can greatly benefit using Zoho Lead Component. With it, any contact request from visitors of your web site becomes a lead on your Zoho CRM platform, automatically and including any custom fields you may have defined in Zoho CRM.

With Zoho Lead Component you can:

– automate the creation of leads, contacts, and cases on Zoho CRM, from Joomla contact’s page;

– quickly rebuild new contact form to reflect changes in Zoho CRM;

– create forms on Joomla site to have Web-to-Lead, Web-to-Contact, or Web-to-Case options;

– manage multiple forms in your Joomla site;

– Use different Thank You pages for each form

– include a plugin so you can insert a Zoho form any place in articles or even modules. Just use {zoholead formid=’id’};

– keep your template styling on the contact pages. Zoho Lead Component replaces Zoho CRM styling to fit your template pattern;

– easily customize your contact page style or use one of the built in styles;

– have your contacts registered automatically on Joomla, so you can include them on your email marketing lists;

– have administrators notified by email when a new lead is created, coming from web. This is especially useful for Zoho users of free accounts, where this functionality is not enabled on Zoho side;

– Manage your Zoho Leads from Joomla administrator interface

– See Lead details and quickly send a message to the user

– Convert Leads while create Joomla user at same action. User name and password can optionally be synched with Zoho CRM custom fields

– See all your Zoho Potentials, and filter them by Owner and/or Stage

– Open a potential detail page where you can change closing date, stage, and amount

– one-click update: one year upgrades through one-click process. No more manual downloads and installations;

– use it as many times you need, on any number of sites. Buy once, use forever!

Up and running in five minutes, see a video in our web site. Keep the software up to date with the easy one-click update.

This is a downloadable product. No CD or DVD or any kind of physical media is sent to you. After purchasing, you will receive instructions on how to download the package. The ZIP file contains a package that install both component and plugin. Enable the plugin if you are going to use it.