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Your new Pixel features

March 1st, 2021

The best part of your Pixel is that it keeps getting even more helpful and even more unique. With regular updates, Pixels get smarter, more capable, and more fun. This latest drop is no exception and includes the ability to easily access and share audio recordings, a new way to use the Pixel Camera app…

How to Map Mouse Position in CSS

March 1st, 2021

Let’s look at how to get the user’s mouse position and map it into CSS custom properties: –positionX and –positionY. We could do this in JavaScript. If we did, we could do things like make make an element draggable or move a background. But actually, we can still do similar things, but not use any…

Get to know our Women Techmakers Ambassadors

March 1st, 2021

Last March, Google’s Women Techmakers (WTM) community was preparing for International Women’s Day with hundreds of in-person events all across the globe. But as COVID-19 spread and people everywhere went into lockdown, WTM Ambassadors had to change their plans. Fast forward a year later, our community is preparing for International Women’s Day (IWD) events again…

CSS Border Font

February 28th, 2021

Every letter in this “font” by Davor Suljic is a single div and drawn only with border. That means employing some trickery like border-radius with exotic syntax like border-radius: 100% 100% 0 0 / 37.5% 37.5% 0 0; which rounds just the top of an element with a certain chillness that works here. Plus, using…

Reduced Motion, CORS,, popups, and 100vw

February 26th, 2021

In this week’s roundup, we highlight a proposal for a new <popup> element, check the use of prefers-reduced-motion on award-winning sites, learn how to opt into cross-origin isolation, see how approaches accessibility, and warn the dangers of 100vh. Let’s get into the news! The new HTML <popup> element is in development On January 21,…

For Rich Jones, starting a finance podcast just made cents

February 26th, 2021

Several years ago, Rich Jones was on the hunt for personal finance podcasts. But none were right for him. “It felt like every podcast that I listened to either made me feel dumb, or made me feel like I was being lectured by an old white guy in a suit,” he says. “Or it just…

Furthering our work with HBCUs

February 26th, 2021

Melonie Parker graduating from Hampton University, a historically Black research university in Hampton, Virginia. We have a responsibility to not only increase the representation of our workforce but also work with higher education institutions to provide access and opportunities for underrepresented groups in the tech industry. As Google’s Chief Diversity Officer, it gives me great…

Using AI to explore the future of news audio

February 25th, 2021

Radio reaches more Americans every week than any other platform. Public radio stations in the United States have over 3,000 local journalists and each day they create audio news reports about the communities they serve. But news audio is in a similar place as newspaper articles were in the 1990s: hard to find, and difficult…